Toyota Starlet HyperRev magazine

Ben Tyrie

Going back around 6 or 7 years ago, when I first entered the world of Japanese cars.  I discovered a thirst for finding out the most obscure and interesting bits of info on the tuning and styling of the Toyota Starlet Turbo.  I wasn’t alone, of course.

I got my hands on a copy of one the Japan-only Hyper-Rev issues featuring the Starlet (vol.44) and pored over it’s pages.  Some of the kit in that book I had never seen in the UK, and possibly never will!

Wanting to share my experience with other like-minded enthusiasts, I spent one (very) long Friday lunch break scanning in the entire magazine – I’ve split the document and hosted again for you to download and enjoy.

I would recommend right-clicking and selecting ‘Save As’, rather than attempting to open within your browser – the files are a little on the large side (between 18-20MB) due to the full colour scans.

HyperRev-part1 HyperRev-part2 HyperRev-part3
HyperRev vol.44 Starlet - Part 1 HyperRev vol.44 Starlet - Part 2 HyperRev vol.44 Starlet - Part 3