Then & Now: Car Make CORN'S Roadster

Ben Tyrie

I stumbled across a couple of pictures of my old Eunos Roadster (owned in 2008 I think) on an old hard drive recently.
This prompted me to wonder what she looked like now as I know the owner that had her a little while after me was big into JDM modding. Having found some pictures, I can say there’s quite a difference!

CORN’s Roadster during my ownership
CORN's Roadster CORN's Roadster

CORN’s as she was when sold in 2011

All the modifications were done during the ownership of ‘madaboutmx5s’ from I have to say that I’m not on board with all of them as I prefer the function over form approach when modifying cars but there’s no denying that it is definitely one of a kind!
Having said that, I do like the Watanabe wheels and the Feed style side steps. Not convinced by the rear lights and bumpers though.

I have a copy of the MX5/Eunos Hyper-Rev issue somewhere and can safely say the CORN’s Roadster wouldn’t look out of place in its pages. A great piece of JDM car history!