On track at Silverstone

Ben Tyrie

A couple months ago I won a little competition to get a passenger ride with this chap –
Alex races a mk1 MR2 in the Red Dragon Race & Track Club MR2 series ( and it was this car that I got to have a ride in.
The passenger ride was arranged to take place during Red Dragon’s ‘launch’ day at Silverstone last week so I also signed up my MR2 Turbo in the non-race licence section for a bit of track action.

MR2’s in the pit lane

The day was a great success for me. I learnt new limits of my MR2 and probably for the first time, really appreciated how much of a capable performance car it is!
The car handled great – barely no understeer at all despite very tight turn-ins on many corners whilst carrying a lot of speed. It seems the Tein coilovers and other suspension mods, along with the Toyo T1R’s and geometry setup really are doing the job just fine (maybe the tyres weren’t quite suited to nearly 100 miles of flat out driving as they melted quite a bit!).

My MR2 sharing a garage with some of the Red Dragon members

A big thank you goes out to Alex for the cracking passenger ride – he certainly has got some pace! The laps actually helped me to see the better line around the smaller national circuit and I found that after the ride, my times (not that I was counting) fell considerably and the car felt much more confident in the corners.

Looking forward to when I can next get onto a track to stretch the MR2’s legs again. There’s certainly some bits to do to her before then though – a full service, oil change, ball joints, drop links, new tryes…..the list goes on!

Until then though, here’s a few more pictures from the day……..

The Buddyclub Time Attack Integra made an appearance- now that’s a fast car!
Toyo T1Rs after at the end of the day…..they took a beating.