New Project: Datsun 280zx pt2

Ben Tyrie

Now I have a parts car sat in a shed with all the bits necessary to make a 5 speed transmission swap (if I wanted to), it would be rude not to have a clean, usable car with which to use as the next project car!

It just so happens I do have one….I picked up another 280zx a month or so after the first.
Just like the doner car it’s a 2+2, but an auto with a year’s MOT and tax.

Gold Datsun 280zx Gold Datsun 280zx

So, my plan is to continue stripping the doner and then dispose of it as it’s beginning to get in the way. I’m just waiting for the weather to not be so cold and then one day, I hope to do a manual gearbox conversion on the gold one using all the spares. I Will be starting my research now so I can get a good idea exactly on what’s required to complete the swap without too many issues.

Watch this space……. 😀