My old CORN's Roadster's life in Japan

Ben Tyrie

ColinK of MX5Nutz has stumbled across my old Eunos Roadster from when it was in the hands of it’s last Japanese owner.

See this link for a translated view of some of the modifications done to it while it lived in the land of the rising sun!
CORN's Roadster in JapanThe main feature of the Roadster was the pair of twin Weber 45 DCOE Carbs in place of the standard EFI system – they sounded fantastic and when tuned after landing in the UK, recorded 130bhp on the dyno.  Not bad for NA power!

Other mods included a CORN’s exhaust, wide arch fender flares, SSR mk1 wheels, and a stripped out interior with a roll cage.

Seeing this car again has prompted me to sort out a separate page for it and I will get on it soon!