MR2 Steering Wheel fitting

Ben Tyrie

Having collected all the bits necessary to change over the standard Toyota steering wheel, I set aside half an hour to make the swap yesterday. I have had a boss sitting around in the garage for some time now and recently managed to get a Momo horn button for a fiver from another MR2 owner. The last piece needed was the steering wheel itself which I collected this weekend.  It’s a Momo, so will match the button nicely.

On with the fitting then.
On the Rev 3 MR2, the centre piece of the steering wheel is easily removed by prizing off the horn area at the 3 corners. Before it will come off all the way though, you need to remove the 8mm screw on the bottom of the wheel.Steering wheel cover bolt

Once done, the horn button section should just pop out although it will still be attached to the steering wheel by the horn wire. I used a small flat bladed screw driver to unclip the horn connection as it was too tight a space for fingers.Unclipping the horn

Unfortunately this is where it all goes wrong. I decided to fit the Momo wheel to the boss at this point and discovered the bloody thing didn’t match up! Looks like I have a boss that isn’t suitable for Momos….oh dear.

Going back to the drawing board with this then. Now on the look out for a Momo boss that’ll do the job and then come back and finish this post!