MR2 Steering Wheel fitting pt2

Ben Tyrie

Thanks to ‘ancient mariner’ over on IMOC I managed to grab a Momo boss for a rev3+ MR2 in record time for a good price so was able to get around to fitting the new steering wheel. (Hub part no 7728)

Continuing on from my previous post, once the main horn assembly of the standard wheel is removed and unclipped, the 19mm nut has to be undone on the steering column. Engaging the steering wheel lock will help here to prevent the wheel from simply turning when attacking the nut. Its also worth only loosening this nut rather than removing it completely in order to avoid smashing yourself in the face when forcing the wheel off.

After forcing the wheel loose, return the steering to the centre position and remove the nut. This is when I fitted the boss.
I also discovered at this stage that the boss didn’t include any wiring for the horn. Normally I would have removed the standard wire from the horn assembly and adapted it to fit but was lucky in this instance as the other boss I had bought previously had a wire with it all ready to go. Momo Hub fitted From here it’s all fairly self explanatory. I attached the steering wheel to the hub using the small screws with allen key heads, making sure that the horn button ‘plate’ was fitted in between the boss and the wheel. Without this the horn button is too small for the hole.
Also attached was the horn wire. The horn will not sound unless the button is fitted into the wheel as this allows the metal contact on the button to complete the circuit with the extra plate. Wheel fitted with horn So that’s it, fitted.

Lining up the old wheel against the new, it looks like the Momo is a good 4cm smaller in diameter than the original Toyota item and certainly feels a lot chunkier. Will give it a good try out at Silverstone next month!

Wouldn’t be right without a quick before and after, would it?! 😛

Original OEM MR2 Steering Wheel Momo Wheel