280ZX Part Out

Ben Tyrie

Stripping the doner ZX of parts has taken longer than hoped, but all the good spring weather has helped me to finally get it finished.  The blue Datsun now looks really sorry for itself sat on axle stands and stripped of parts.  It’ll be going to the scrapyard very soon.

The good news is that I now have A LOT of spare parts to either keep for use on the gold ZX or sell on to make back some cash for the project.  The main parts of interest are of course, the 5 speed gearbox and associated bits and pieces like the pedal box and diff.

280ZX 5 speed5 speed gearbox, rear 3.9 diff and halfshafts, prop shaft, manual pedal box.

280ZX Parts This is only a small selection of the parts I have stripped off. There’s also a lot of glass, interior, and engine bay parts all boxed up in various corners of the workshop.

Next step then is to find the Datsun a decent home for a while so that I can begin work on the gearbox swap whilst at the same time, start making a list of all the other jobs that I want to do. Things that spring to mind immediately are rust proofing the underside, replacing/repairing rust patches, repaint the bodywork, modify the suspension, change the wheels, etc, etc.

This could take a few years……!