280ZX Doner Shell Scrapped

Ben Tyrie

I realised after posting the pictures of the CORN’S Roadster that I haven’t updated this blog for just over a year!
Plenty has happened in that time too, the Datsun’s have gone, I managed to sell on a ropey Peugeot diesel for more than I paid for it, I flirted with a Honda, and even bought a new commuter wagon. But more about all that later!

For now here’s evidence that I finally managed to get all the useful parts off the blue doner Datsun before sending it off for scrap. I did try to rescue the glass (especially the windscreen) but it cracked when I was cutting it out.

280ZX for scrap 280ZX for scrap

More posts to follow to detail what I’ve been up to in the past year…..