14 year old car - 1st sign of rust...

Ben Tyrie

You’ve got to love the Japanese for their build quality, and the fact that they don’t cover their roads in all manner of salt and grit.  The MR2 has been in the UK for a year and she’s already showing signs of the dreaded metal cancer!  Bloody UK roads…..

Good news is that it’s only the drivers side door and a small patch at that….still, it needs to be gone, or slowed down at least.
Looking at the second picture of the rust from the inside of the door you can see that the rot has already got in under the seam of the metal,  so it’s probably too late to save the door completely.  It will need replacing I expect if I ever decide to paint the car.

For the time being though I have wire brushed and sanded as much of the loose rust as possible and then treated the remaining bits with Hammerite rust remover.  The treated patch has now been covered with a straight to rust undercoat.  Quite handy that it’s a similar colour to the car’s bodywork!

Ok, so it’s not the prettiest of fixes but I would rather it looked like that than a horrible brown patch!

I have just found out that this rust issue is actually quite a common problem so I hope picking up another door in the future isn’t going to be a problem….